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"I am in love with your cats. I think they are one of the best-looking breeds I have ever seen."

Jag Kittens

Example of Jag Cat kittens

A Touch of The Wild

Mokave Jag Cats are safe replacements for wild cats such as caracal, lynx, ocelot, or serval, all of which can be dangerous and unpredictable. Although created from hybrid crossings of bobcat, Jungle Cat, Asian Leopard Cat and Serval, Jag Cats are bred to be gentle and non-aggresive.

Jag Cat Mokave Cat

A Bigger Breed

Mokave Jag Cats were officially recognized as a new cat breed by the Rare & Exotic Feline Registry in 2005. They are considered one of the largest and longest cat breeds in the world, with some reaching 38" in length and weighing almost 30 pounds!

Jag Kitten Jag Cat
Jag Cat Mokave Cat

Your New Best Friend!

Jag Cats are FUN to be around! They're like little kids with fur!

Mokave Cat Mokave Kittens Jag Cat

Jag Cat kittens are litter-trained, well-manered and enjoy human contact. They stay loving and affectionate throughout their long lifespan. Don't consider getting one unless you like to laugh a lot!

Pet Parent of a Jag Cat:

"Dragon is everything you said he would be. You did not give me a pet; you gave me a best friend. He sits on my shoulder when I drive my car. My friends bought litter boxes for their houses so I can bring him over."

Brandi W.

Awesome Companion Animals!

Due to their high intelligence and unique personalities, Jag Cats can be leash-trained and are often used as therapy pets. They are especially good with autistic children and veterans with PSTD.

Jag Cat Jag Cat
Jag Cat

It took generations of selective breeding to create this wonderful breed. Although some have tried to copycat my program, only felines purchased from the Mokave Cattery in Florida can be registered as Jag Cats.

Pet Parents of Therapy Jag Cats:

"Zara riding on my shoulder. She goes to work with us."

Sherri B.


"Sable settled in very quickly and she’s just as you described. She loves to play, cuddle, then play some more. Getting her was one of my best ideas."

Yumi N.

Jag Cat

Jag Cat Prices

There are less than 350 Jag Cats in the world and like all rare things, they are not cheap. Jag Cat litters are small and queens produce only once or twice a year. Kittens can be reserved in advance by prequalified Pet Parents (see the Buying link below). Occasionally a young adult becomes available as well.

Jag Cat Kittens: $5,000 to $15,000.

Young Adults: $3000 to $6000.

"Nemo is by far the best money we've ever spent. Can't imagine our life without our beautiful boy!"

Scott & Debbie T.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Some unreputable breeders have tried to sell their own cats as Jag Cats. If your kitten did not come from the Mokave cattery - it is NOT a Jag Cat and will not be recognized by the cat registry association.

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