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UPDATED  -  7/3/2017
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"Sable settled in very quickly and she’s just as you described. She loves to play, cuddle, then play some more. I’m happy to say that getting her was one of my best ideas."

Yumi N.   Newtown, PA

"You sure know how to make monster cats. Zur is now 1-year-old and already 17 pounds! He wraps his paws around my leg and holds on when I go out the door. BEST cat ever!"

Rich M.   Middletown, CT

Available Now!

Call  904-292-9195  for more information.

Young adult Jag Cats come spay/neutered, vaccinated & microchipped.

Liana - SOLD!
Jag Cat

Dragon - $5000
Jag Cat Jag Cat

Dragon is a gentle, large youngster with big paws and dark rosettes.
He won't be fully mature until 2020!

"Your cats do not disappoint. I've had Loki for a couple of months now and he is by far the sweetest, most playful, smartest cat I've ever seen. Thanks for the greatest pet of all time."

Taylor A.   Los Angeles, CA


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