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UPDATED  -  6/15/2019
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Jag Cat

Pet Parent of a Jag Kitten:

"The second day we had Shakira he took a ball and put it in my hand to play fetch. I couldn't believe it. Shakira is smarter than a dog. I am very impressed. He always comes when I call him. I've had Shakira for less than a week and he wants to be with me where ever I go."

Kim H.

"Zuri is just so different. Everyone who sees him, wants him. He is the best cat that I have ever known. "

Micki S.

My Largest Jag Kitten EVER!

This rare GIANT quadruple-hybrid (Bobcat, Jungle Cat, Asian Leopard Cat & Serval) is a sweet-tempered male out of my biggest breeding pair. Since mom and dad are now retired, there will be no more like him in my cattery. I will try to take better photos to show just how huge he is.

Kitten ID:   TL1_SM
Golden Rosetted

Jag Kitten Jag Kitten

Kitten ID:   AS1_SM2
Charcoal Rosetted

This big quadruple kitten has extra-large rosettes, a black nose and the wildcat occuli on the back of his ears.

Jag Kitten

Young Adults for Sale

Prices include registration paper, spay/neutering, microchip and vaccinations.


Cougar is my biggest triple-hybrid Jag Cat male. He is not a sprayer. When he stands upright he can touch my ribcage with his paw! After neuter surgery he weighed 18 pounds. As he fills out he should push 24 pounds or more. Cougar is what my military Pet Parents call a "man's cat." He gets along well with female cats but I don't want him with another male cat just to play it safe.

Jag Cat Jag Cat


This large Seal Lynx Snow Ragdoll is only 25% grown. Shylo is a gentle boy with bright blue eyes and beautiful markings. He would be a great family or personal companion pet.

Jag Cat Jag Cat

Jag Cat

Pet Parent of a Young Adult Jag Cat:

"Layla comes like a dog when you call her and is just a terrific animal. Other than the purring I'd think she was a person."

Mikel E.

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