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UPDATED  -  10/13/2019
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Mokave Jag Cats
is closing in December, 2019

I know many of you had plans to acquire a Jag Cat in the future and I'm so sorry to disappoint you, but I can no longer run the cattery and my breeding program the way it needs to be done.

Four of my last and best Jag Cats are being sold, as well as one gorgeous Bengal and a Snow Lynx Ragdoll. If you have ever wanted one of my cats, now is the time to contact me. When these Jag Cats are gone, there will be no others.

To my Pet Parents:  After I have sold the last cat, I will be moving my website content to a Facebook page so that you can continue to stay in touch, ask questions about cat care, or post photos of your own Jag Cats.

Jag Cat

Pet Parent of a Jag Cat:

"Nora's Jag Cats are AMAZING! We recently purchased a young adult (at her cattery in Florida) and then drove back to Rhode Island. By the second night, he slept curled up on me. If you follow Nora's instructions on how to have them bond with you, the results happen quickly.

"Look who's been swimming with me."

Bob L.

Pet Parent of a Jag Cat:

"Malika's doing great! We just adore her. She is such a sweet baby, so playful and so curious about everything."

Kim H.

Jag Cat

"Zuri is just so different. Everyone who sees him, wants him. He is the best cat that I have ever known. "

Micki S.

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Jag Kitten
Jag Kitten


Jag Cat
Jag Cat



Pet Parents of Jag Cats:

"The second day we had Shakira he took a ball and put it in my hand to play fetch. I couldn't believe it. Shakira is smarter than a dog. I am very impressed. He always comes when I call him. I've had Shakira for less than a week and he wants to be with me where ever I go."

Kim H.

"Layla comes like a dog when you call her and is just a terrific animal. Other than the purring I'd think she was a person."

Mike E.

"Queen Lila is a beloved member of my household. Everyone who sees her thinks she is the most beautiful cat they have ever seen. Workmen at the house took pictures of her to show to family and friends. I absolutely love her. Thanks for creating such a wonderful companion!"

Jeanette L.

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