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UPDATED  -  11/17/2019
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The Jag Cat line has now ended.

All Jag Cats have been sold and there will be no more Jag Kittens in the future. Please don't waste your money on the scammers out there pretending to breed Jag Cats. They are liars and fakes.

Pet Parents:  Next month I will be moving my website content to a Facebook page so that you can continue to stay in touch, ask questions about cat care, and post photos of your own Jag Cats.

For Sale Today

Snow Lynx Ragdoll
Price includes neuter, rabies, shots & microchip.

I bought this sweet kitten for $3500. Ragdolls are one of the largest of the domestic cat breeds. He is a BIG lap cat with blue eyes and lynx-tipped ears. He's very playful and loves humans of all ages.

Outcross King
Outcross King

Shylo after a trim.

Here are two videos of Shylo playing:

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