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UPDATED  -  9/6/2018
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Two Jag Cat Females For Sale!
Note: I do not sell breeders; all Jag Cats are spay/neutered.

"Zuri is just so different. Everyone who sees him, wants him. He is the best cat that I have ever known. "

Micki S.

"Nemo is by far the best money we've ever spent. Can't imagine our life without our beautiful boy!"

Scott & Debbie T.

Tiara's Litter of Giants Due Soon!

Jag Kitten Jag Kitten

Tiara's giant Jag Kitten from a previous litter.

Jag Cat

Pet Parent of a Jag Kitten:

"Sable settled in very quickly and she’s just as you described. She loves to play, cuddle, then play some more. Getting her was one of my best ideas."

Yumi N.

Queen Malika   -  $2000
Playful Malika is now available.

Jag Cat Jag Cat

Queen Ryana   -  $3000
Gentle Ryana is now available.

Jag Cat Jag Cat

Jag Cat

Pet Parent of a Jag Queen:

"Queen Lila is a beloved member of my household. Everyone who sees her thinks she is the most beautiful cat they have ever seen. Workmen at the house took pictures of her to show to family and friends. I absolutely love her. Thanks for creating such a wonderful companion!"

Jeanette L.

ZALAC1_SM  -  $7000    SOLD!
RYC1_SM1  -  $8000    SOLD!

Jag Cat

Pet Parent of an Older Jag Kitten:

"Layla comes like a dog when you call her and is just a terrific animal. Other than the purring I'd think she was a person."

Mikel E.

2018 Prices

Mokave Jag Cats take  four years  to fully mature so a $7000 kitten can grow up to be a $15000 Jag Cat! Keep them on kitten food until they are at least two years old if you want them to reach maximum size.

Jag Kittens:  $5000 - $15000
Jag Cats:     $2000 - $5000

Jag Cat Purchase Form

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Jag Cat

Pet Parent of a Jag Kitten:

"The second day we had Shakira he took a ball and actually put it in my hand to play fetch. I couldn't believe it. Shakira is smarter than a dog. I am very impressed. He always comes when I call him. I've had Shakira for less than a week and he wants to be with me where ever I go."

Kim H.

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