Cat Trees

To purchase a cat tree, call 904-292-9195. Major credit cards and PayPal accepted. Sales tax is required for Florida residents. Your cat tree will be sent to you via UPS ground and usually arrives within 7 days.

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Jag Cat Favorites

# B-7801
8-Levels with Large Condo
78" H x 27" W x 32" D - Ivory

Cat Tree
# A-7202
8-Levels with Large Condo & Hammock
72" H x 53" W x 22" D - Golden Beige

Cat Tree

# A-7401
8-Levels with Two Large Condos & Two Ramps
74" H x 56" W x 26" D - Golden Beige

Cat Tree

# A-8001
8-Levels with Large Condo & Ladder
80" H x 33" W x 40" D - Golden Beige

Cat Tree

"Tigger LOVES her cat tree! I'm so glad that we got it for her. She loves to play with the little toys on it and take her catnaps up top. She seems very happy. She sleeps with me at night and is so loving. She is such an amazing cat!"

Angel B.

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