Coat colors sometimes change as a kitten matures.

Buying & Shipping

"She purred before she even came out off the crate... slept in my lap on the way home. Since then she's been curled up on me and meows constantly if I'm out of sight. She's a doll."

Dr. Kim B.

"Nora's felines are socialized personally by her and you really see the difference when you receive your cat. I would definitely recommend this cattery for anyone looking for a GREAT and UNIQUE cat. We now have four of them!"

Susan & Mike M.

Pet Parent Criteria

It's important that you and the Jag Cat you want are a good match for your situation and environment. Please review my Pet Parent Criteria to be sure that one of my felines would be right for you and your family.

Are you an animal lover?
Many people call me who are looking to acquire a rare object for bragging rights instead of a family pet. This is a bad idea for so many reasons. People who genuinely love animals generally have more patience and make a greater effort to learn about and understand these unusual felines.

Can you afford to take care of a Mokave Jag Cat?
Jag Cats don't have a lot of special needs but they do require a tall cat tree, good-quality dry food, and occasional vet care to keep them healthy and growing.

How much time do you have to spend with your kitty?
Jag Cats are bred to be true companions and bond strongly with their humans. If you work away from home more than 40 hours a week, are out most nights/weekends, and have no other family member who will play with and love the kitty, this is not the breed for you because a Jag Cat can actually grieve for lack of companionship.

How many animals do you have now?
Some people are collectors. They are constantly looking for another unusual animal to add to their group. Too many animals means less time spent with each one. This can cause behavioral problems as many felines will not compete for attention and wind up being less social (and more stressed) than they would have been had there been fewer animals around.

Also, it's important to spay/neuter your pets -- not only for their own health and to prevent pet overpopulation -- but to ensure there will be no territorial conflicts with your new kitten.

Will you keep your Jag Cat indoors?
Jag Cats are raised to be indoor family pets. They are not "street smart" and could easily get hurt (or stolen) if left outside unsupervised. Studies have shown that indoor/outdoor cats have an average lifespan of less than half that of indoor-only cats.

Does anyone smoke in your home?
A kitten's lungs are quite small and their respiratory rate much faster than ours. Not only do they inhale more smoke, but toxins from the smoke in the air (or on your clothing, furniture, and carpets) is transferred to their coats where they ingest it orally through grooming themselves.

Research indicates that cats are up to 70% more likely to come down with cancer, allergies, eye/skin diseases, and respiratory problems when exposed to second-hand smoke.

"I love both my Jag Cats to pieces and you can rest assured they will always be taken care of. I have willed them to my granddaughter. She was ecstatic."

Ronnie B.

Placing a Deposit

Because I produce so few kittens each year, it is usually necessary to reserve them in advance. Before reserving any Mokave Jag Cat, you must meet my Pet Parent Criteria and contact me by phone. All deposits/payments are nonrefundable and acknowledged by email receipt.

Reserving a Jag Kitten

To make a reservation, a minimum $500.00 nonrefundable Litter Reservation deposit is required. This deposit is good for 12 months and can "float" from litter to litter until you find your purr-fect kitty. If you do not pick a kitten within the first year, simply add another $500 to your deposit and both deposits will be good for another year. All deposits and payments are nonrefundable, but will be credited towards the cost of your kitten.

You can choose to assign your deposit to an existing or upcoming litter. Depending upon the order in which your deposit was received, you will be entitled to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd pick of any available kittens in that litter.

HOW ASSIGNMENT WORKS: Jag Kittens become available after I have made my determination as to which, if any, kittens in that litter need to be retained for my breeding program. Usually this decision is made by the time the kittens' eyes are open (around 14 days), at which time the 1st pick deposit holder can then make their selection. The remaining available kittens are then offered to the 2nd pick deposit holder, and then to the 3rd. If no other people are waiting in line for a kitten from that litter, the selection decision can be delayed another week or two, if desired by a deposit holder. All selections must be made by the time the kittens are 4 weeks old.

Once you have selected your Jag Kitten, an additional $2500 nonrefundable Kitten Reservation deposit is required to reserve the kitten you chose. All your deposits are then locked onto and subtracted from the cost of that particular kitten, which is then posted as SOLD on my For Sale page. You now have committed to buying that particular kitten and can no longer move your deposit to a new litter or new kitten. Your reserved kitten must be paid for in full prior to pickup or shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: I sometimes send you a video or post photos of your kitten to its Personal page so you can have the pleasure of watching it as it grows. Photos are updated whenever I can find the time to do so. Although you are welcome to ask when a new photo might be posted, please understand that this is a time-consuming courtesy, not a requirement.

Reserving a Young Adult

To reserved a young adult Jag Cat, a minimum $500 non-refundable Reservation Deposit is required. This deposit is subtracted from the cost of the cat you selected, which is then removed from my For Sale page. You now have committed to buying that particular Jag Cat and can no longer move your deposit to a new cat. All young adults must be paid for in full prior to pickup or shipping.

Purchasing a Jag Cat

Before purchasing a Mokave Jag Cat, you must talk to me in person or on the phone (904-292-9195) so that I can be sure that the cat or kitten you want will be appropriate for your environment.

Total cost for a Jag Kitten depends upon their kitten price, alter/microchip fee, and optional shipping fee. If you like, you can make installment payments as you wait for your kitty to be prepared for its new home.

To purchase your Mokave Jag Cat, simply fill out the Purchase Order Form on the Available Kittens page and than call me at 904-292-9195 to qualify and make your payment.

"Isis has won the hearts of everyone in our house. She was definitely worth the wait. I have sent the deposit for our next kitten."

Frank Z.   Brookfield, IL

Mokave Kitten

Payment Types Accepted

MasterCard, VISA, American Express, PayPal, cashier's checks, and money orders.

MasterCard VISA American Express PayPal

Personal checks are not accepted.

Payments sent through U.S. Mail should be registered or certified for tracking and security purposes. Visit United States Postal Service - Prices for more information.

Please make cashier's checks and money orders out to: Mokave Jag Cats

Kitten & Cat Prices

Creating a new breed such as my Jag Cats is really time-consuming and expensive. Many cats that originate from wild hybrids aren't very fertile. I don't overbreed my cats, which means only a few litters of these rare kittens can be produced each year.

Kittens     $5,000 - $15,000.

Jag Kittens are priced individually based upon their lineage, size, personality, coat pattern, color, and exotic features such ear tuffs, large rosettes, plush coat, etc. I do not offer "pet-priced" kittens; all my cats are the highest quality my breeding program can produce.

The cost of each kitten is shown on the For Sale page. All Mokave kittens are spayed or neutered at 12 weeks and microchipped. This vet charge of $200 for a male or $240 for a female is added to the cost of your kitten.

PLEASE NOTE: Mokave Jag Cats actually become more beautiful and exotic-looking as they mature; therefore, the price of a kitten can increase as it grows. When you place your deposit on a Jag Kitten, that price is locked in -- no matter how big or gorgeous it becomes later on.

Young Adults     $3000 - $6000.

Adolescent or young adult Jag Cats become available if the cat is infertile or when I retire one of my Kings or Queens, usually at 18 months to 3 years of age (Jag Cats take 4 years to fully mature). Their price includes spay/neutering and vaccinations.

Who Buys These Cats?

Mokave Jag Cats are popular with police officers, sheriffs, detectives, firemen, and US Customs agents as well as medical professionals such as doctors, veterinarians, psychologists, and paramedics. I've also placed Jag Cats with members of the US Marines, Navy Seals, Special Forces, Air Force, Army, and Coast Guard.

Jag Cats are often called MAN cats, but there's a lot more to them than just their unusual appearance and size. People contact me because of the exotic looks of my larger cats, but they buy their second Jag Cat because they've fallen in love with their loving personalities and amazing intelligence.

To see what's available, visit my For Sale page.

"I will get that money order out to you 1st thing Monday morning. Thanks for letting me have Yuma."

Officer Marc D.   Gambrills, MD

Mokave Cat

Shipping Jag Cats

I usually use Delta as they love my cats and take very good care of them. My felines travel in the same temperature and pressure-controlled environment as the human passengers. Here's how it works:

1. You prepay the shipping fee.
2. I find the best flight based upon your preferences and the kitten's welfare.
3. I make the reservation, email you the flight info, buy and prep the shipping crate.
4. Your kitten is taken to the vet for its travel health certificate.
5. We bathe your kitty, trim its nails, and clean its ears.
6. I prepare all the paperwork, drive to the airport, check kitty in, pay for the flight.
7. I then call you to say that your kitten is on its way.

Your kitten's Pet File is put in a plastic bag and placed under its blanket in the shipping crate. This file usually includes my business card, a Mokave Pet Contract, breed registration paper, vet-certified health certificate, and health records.

"I picked Sheba up tonight from the airport. On the way home I had her in my lap and she was licking and head-butting me and purring. I instantly fell in love with her!"

Holly B.   New Orleans, LA

Where I Ship Jag Cats

Mokave Jag Cats can be shipped anywhere in the United States (except Hawaii due to their quarantine procedures), Puerto Rico, and the American Virgin Islands.

Canada: I no longer ship to Canada. I will ship your kitten to the closest US border city where you can pick it up and drive it home; border crossings require only a normal vet-certified health certificate.

PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for the pickup or delivery of your kitten. As a courtesy, I provide shipping services when they are prepaid by you. You can also use a courier or come pick up your kitty in person.

Shipping To Other Countries

Each country has different regulations regarding pet importation. I will allow my cats and kittens to be shipped to your country, providing that:

1. There are no long quarantine periods for my felines.
2. You use a pet courier service to deliver the cat to you.

Pet couriers guarantee that the proper paperwork is done for exiting the United States and entering your country, and they usually hand-deliver the kitten to your door. Once you find the right one for your area, email me your choice and their contact information. Payment of the pet courier service and any necessary paperwork is the responsibility of you, the Pet Parent.

Shipping Fees

Shipping fees have increased dramically this year. I used to be able to ship my Jag Cats for $300 - $400. Now the airlines charge that much for the flight alone. Add on the price of a large crate (my cats aren't small) and up to $170 for a travel health certificate and you can see why shipping within the United States now costs $600 - $700. At these crazy prices, I am considering whether to offer personal delivery for $1000... stay tuned.

Shipping outside the United States requires an International Health Certificate, which is an additional cost that can vary from country to country.

"We are back from the airport. Quenya is very pretty. She rode in my lap and purred, kneaded and headbutted like she knew me. I was surprised she wasn't a bit nervous."

Natasha P.   Searcy, AR

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