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Mokave Jag Cats is a new large cat breed first registered in 2005. Created from a blend of bobcat, Jungle Cat and Asian Leopard Cat genes, each hybrid generation was selectively bred to ensure a pet-like temperament while retaining their exotic features, size, and intelligence.

Mokave Litter

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Jag Cats resemble miniature Jaguars with lynx-tipped ears. They have muscular bodies, wide-set eyes, broad muzzles, strong jaws, huge paws, thick tails and are super smart and irresistibly affectionate!

Shown below are photos of three of the four wild cats whose offspring helped to create my Jag Cats. (I was unable to get an actual photo of my breed's bobcat ancestor and didn't want to use a stock photo.)

Asian Leopard Cat

Asian Leopard Cat Ancestor

Jungle Cat

African Jungle Cat Ancestor


Serval Ancestor

"What you have created is truly the perfect cat for a person like me who loves the wild blood and it's personality traits... all that genetic mixing has created an animal of such beauty -- it's amazing to me. Mokave Jag Cats are the ultimate cat!"

Former Domestic Cat Breeder

Below are photos of Jag Cats (on right) compared to photos of actual jaguars and bobcats.

Compare Profiles

Jaguar Mokave Jag Cat

Compare Muzzles

Jaguar Mokave Jag Cat

Compare Spots

Jaguar Mokave Jag Cat

Compare Lynx Tipping

Lynx Mokave Jag Cat

Compare Paws

Bobcat Mokave Jag Cat

"I love your website and am interested in purchasing a kitten from you. Originally, I wanted to get an Ocelot, but after a lot of research, I realized that it was not such a great idea. But I love the leopard-style markings... Your Jag Cat seems to be just the answer."

Brent S.

Growth & Size

The chart below compares the averages for a
Domestic Cat / Jag Cat
 8–10 wks    
12–16 wks    
12–18 mos   
 48 mos    
 6–14 lbs  
14–28 lbs    
 12–17 yrs    
  17–20 yrs     

Jag Kitten growth starts around five months, then spurts occur every month or two for the first year, every three or four months in their second year, and every six months or so in their third year.

Adult Jag Cats are solid muscle and more hefty than other hybrids.

Large Jag Cat

Kitten Yuma 15 Months

Kitten -- 15 Months

Giant Jag Cat

Kitten Dakari 28 Pounds

Kitten -- 28-Pound Adult

Eye and Coat Colors

Jag Kittens are born with blue eyes that gradually change to bright gold or emerald green.

Jag Kitten

Coat colors sometimes change as a kitten matures but usually range from golden-brown to red-gold with large spots or two-toned rosettes.

3 Weeks Old Mokave Kitten 5 Months Old