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Welcome to Mokave Cattery
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Selectively Bred for Personal Companionship & Therapy

"I am in love with your cats. I think they are one of the best-looking breeds I have ever seen."

Jag Kittens

Example of Jag Cat kittens

Jag Cat Jag Cat

King Cougar is over 20 pounds and still growing!

A Bigger Breed

A "small" Jag Cat weighes between 12 - 16 pounds. A large Jag Cat can reach 17 - 20 pounds.

Jag Cat

A GIANT Jag Cat can grow up to 28 pounds!

Jag Kitten Mokave Cat

Pet Parent of Three Jag Cats:

"Our Jag Cats are well mannered, social, and extremely intelligent."

Susan M.

Awesome Companion Animals!

Created from the hybrid crossing of bobcats, Jungle Cats and Asian Leopard Cats, Jag Cats were officially recognized as a new cat breed by the Rare & Exotic Feline Registry in 2005.

Only felines purchased the Mokave Cattery in Florida can be registered as Jag Cats.

Jag Cat Jag Cat

Jag Cats are safe replacements for wild animals such as bobcat, lynx, ocelot, caracal, or serval, which can be dangerous and unpredictable.

Jag Cat Jag Cat Paw

Jag Cat kittens are litter-trained, well-manered and enjoy human contact. They stay loving and affectionate throughout their long lifespan.

Pet Parent of a Jag Cat:

"Zeeba greets me at the front door, offers me her belly for rubs, and sleeps in the crook of my legs or arms."

Dr. Suellen M.

Your New Best Friend!

Jag Cats are FUN to be around! They're like little kids with fur.

Mokave Cat Mokave Kittens

Jag Cats can be used as therapy pets.


Pet Parent of a Jag Cat:

"Dragon is everything you said he would be. You did not give me a pet; you gave me a best friend. My friends have bought litter boxes for their houses so I can bring him over."

Brandi W.

Jag Cat Prices

There are only about 300 Jag Cats in the world and like all rare things, they are not cheap. The greater their size and beauty; the more they cost.

My triple-hybrid Jag Cats are being replaced by my even more rare quadruple-hybrid Jag Cats, which come from Serval, bobcat, Jungle Cat and Asian Leopard Cat bloodlines. Only a handful of these giant Jag Cat kittens will be produced each year and can be reserved in advance by prequalified Pet Parents.

These truely unique Jag Cats will range from $10,000 to $20,000.

The last of my triple-hybrid Jag Cats are now available for $1000 to $5000 until gone.

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NOTE:  Some unreputable breeders have tried to sell their own cats as Jag Cats. If your kitten did not come from the Mokave cattery - it is NOT a Jag Cat and will not be recognized by the cat registry association.

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