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This welcome page has been visited over 2 MILLION times!
Thank you for your interest in my Mokave Jag Cats!

Mokave Jag Kittens

"Your kittens are the best I have looked at and I've been looking for about a year..."

Email Inquiry

Dakarai 22lbs.

"Dakarai weighs 22 lbs now... still growing and still a sweetheart.
He's sitting on the legs of my 6' 4" husband. Thank you for such an amazing cat!"

Pet Parent Mary Leone H.   Snohomish, WA


"What an amazing website! I can't believe it has taken me so long to find you!
Your videos and pictures are spectacular, as are the kittens you are producing.

"Zeeba is doing great. She waits for me at the window and as soon as she sees me pull up, greets me at the front door. Flops on to her back and offers me her belly for rubs. Follows me from room to room and sleeps in the crook of my legs or arms."

Dr. Suellen M.   San Anselmo, CA

Mokave Jag Cats
A Rare & Exotic New Breed!

Mokave Jag Cat Mokave Snow Jag Mokave Jag Cat Mokave Jag Cat

Mokave (pronounced mo - KA - vee) Jag Cats appeal to people who want a large exotic cat like a bobcat, lynx, Jungle Cat, ocelot, Asian Leopard Cat, Caracal, or Serval but realize that a wild animal doesn't make a good pet and can be dangerous when mature. Mokave cats stay good-natured and friendly throughout their lifespan.

Mokave Jag Cat Mokave Jag Cat Mokave Jag Cat Mokave Snow Jag

My Mokave cattery produces genetically-selected felines that have a wild look and a gentle temperament. These cats are bred to desire human attention and make great "little buddies" for individuals of all ages.

Mokave Jag Cat Mokave Jag Cat Mokave Jag Cat Mokave Bobtail Jag

Mokave cats make wonderful pets and are found in hundreds of households from Seattle, Washington to Miami, Florida. My kittens are taught to climb tall cat trees instead of your furniture and come to you litter-trained, house socialized, and weaned to dry cat food.

Mokave Pet Parent:

"My husband and I already have one of your beautiful cats and we are looking to purchase ANOTHER!! We are so in love with these Mokave breeds! We are very fixated on our cats having an easy-going TEMPERAMENT and being SOCIAL. Our current Mokave cat is ALL that and more! He is so curious and never once have I seen him be skittish or fearful. Gunther just wants to play and be loved!"

Amy K.   Priest River, ID

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Big Wild-Looking Companion Cats!

Mokave Cat Mokave Cat Mokave Cat

People constantly call me looking for "something different in a cat." For years now, I have been developing a new breed called the Mokave Jag Cat. This new designer cat is a "deluxe upgrade" from my previous Bengals, Desert Lynx, Highland Lynx, and Asian Leopard Cat hybrids. In 2009, I decided to merge my Mokave Lynx Cats into my Jag Cat line, making Mokave cats some of the largest and heaviest of any cat breed. With their high intelligence, dramatic coloring, and great personalities, Mokave Jag Cats are truly one of the rarest and most exotic cats on earth!

Look how HUGE King Pyrr's paws are at ages 3 months, 9 months, and 22 months!

King Pyrr at 3 Months King Pyrr at 9 Months King Pyrr at 22 Months

My cats are a blend of genetic traits designed to bring out the wildest look and largest size, yet stay lovable. It is impossible to determine as young kittens which ones will turn out to be the BIGGEST since full maturity takes about 4 years, but you can see from the photos below of my one and two-year-old youngsters that they can get pretty large!

Mokave Cat Mokave Cat Mokave Cat

Come For A Free Cattery Tour!

To see photos and videos of some lucky people holding and playing
with Mokave cats and kittens during tours of my cattery, click here.

Mokave Pet Parent:

Dakarai 28lbs.

"Dakarai was born in April, 2008. He is 28 lbs. as of December 2009! He is, again, on James' lap, but you can see he stretches the entire length of his legs!!!"

"Dakarai looks HUGE when James or I hold him, but when someone 5' 7' or so holds him, he looks like a baby tiger!! He loves people."

Mary Leone H.   Snohomish, SC


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Caring For Mokave Cats

Caring for a Mokave cat is basically no different than caring for a housecat -- except they need even more love and attention! See Kitten Care for specifics on food, litter, bathing, and more.

Mokave Agility Kitten

Volunteering for a Good Cause

"The Mokave kitten shown jumping through this tiger's mouth, along with several other Mokaves, performed agility tricks (such as running through tunnels and walking a tightrope 6 feet off the ground) every hour on the hour during a weekend TICA Cat Show to bring public awareness to the plight of the abandoned pets from Huricane Katrina."

"Over 40 rescued animals were adopted at this and other events at which Mokave cats performed."

Nora Scholin
Mokave Cats

Training Your Mokave Jag Cat

Mokave Agility Cat Mokave Cat

Mokaves are so smart, it's easy to train them. In fact, if you're not careful, they could wind up training you! See Training Jag Cats for more information.

Mokave Pet Parent:

"We love Hugo a lot... He is like a little child for us -- very playful, loving, naughty and just different. Hugo also likes to fetch... he even has his favourite toys. And he is not scared of water like other cats."

Irena K.   Ocala, FL

Mokave Cat

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Kid & Pet Friendly

Mokave Cat Mokave Cat Mokave Cat

Mokave's cats love attention! They will run greet you at the door, follow you around your house, teach you to play fetch with them, jump in your shower or pool, sleep on your bed, and really enjoy hanging out with you.

Mokave cats and kittens are FUN to be around! They're like little kids with fur. Each one has its own personality, likes, and dislikes. The more you pay attention to them, the more obvious it is that they really want to communicate with you. These cats are much smarter -- and usually more loving -- than anything you can imagine. You really need to spend time with one to truly understand how different they are from other cats.

To learn how to properly introduce your children and family pets to my Mokaves and for great photos of kids and animals with my cats, click here.

Mokave Cat

My giant 1-year-old King Puma playing with a 3-year-old youngster during a cattery tour.

Mokave Kitten

Mokave Pet Parent:

"Dragon loves everyone and everything. He loves to ride in the car - sitting or draped on my shoulders. He loves to walk on his leash outside and even ride the 4-wheeler. My friends have bought litter boxes for their houses cause they don't want me over if I'm not bringing him.

He is so much more than just a pet to me and my daughter, as well as my parents. Dragon is everything you said he would be, and so very much more. So I just wanted to say thank you, Nora. You did not give me a pet, you gave me a best friend."

Brandi W.   Dudley, GA

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Mokave Prices

Mokave Jag Cat Mokave ALC Hybrid

Mokave cats -- like all things rare and beautiful -- are not cheap;
then again, how does one put a price on 20 years of companionship?

Compare the cost of a Mokave to other exotic-looking cat breeds:

F1 and F2 Savannahs typically run $4000 to $22,000.
Toygers can cost up to $10,000.
The fake Ashera cat has been listed for $25,000.

Mokave Jag Cat kittens can cost $5000 or more,
depending upon size and features.

For more information on buying a Jag Cat, click here.

Mokave Pet Parent:

"I was looking over your site again today. I have been checking your website every couple of days, not only to see if there are any new photos of my kitties, but also to see how it's going with your other kittens and upcoming litters... as you know I have become a fan.

Judging by the For Sale page, it looks like you've been pretty busy lately. I love looking through the photos of all your beautiful cats and how they've changed as they've grown. You've obviously done a wonderful job so far. I LOVE my two kitties!!! I'm excited to see what the future brings... which reminds me: don't forget I want dibs on King Goliath when you retire him."

Dr. Leanne C.   Clearwater, FL

Compare a Jag Cat to a Savannah Cat

Mokave Jag Cat

F2 Savannah Cat     <<<<     Jag Cats can get quite large.    >>>>     Mokave Jag Cat

Mokave Pet Parent:

"I have purchased four cats from the Mokave Cats cattery. These animals are our children. They are well mannered, social, and extremely intelligent. I could not imagine not having them in our lives. Mica, Jag, Comanche, and Harley are the focal point for any visitor to our house and any visits to the vet. We actually have people lined up to babysit our 'children' when we are gone on vacation."

Susan M.   Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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